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9th May 2015

Hi Jill - just to let you know that Zuri Girl, now called Willow, is an absolute delight & has settled in so well. She is so affectionate, eats like a horse, has a penetrating yowl when she would like something, & growls fiercely over the feather toy - she is bonding really well with our Bengal, Luna - I think they will be the best of friends given a bit more time.

Many thanks - we're so pleased we decided to try a Savannah.
Alison & Jack

28th April 2015

Hi Jill

How are you? 

Our Savannah who we named Cleopatra is doing very well she settled in within about 5 minutes and has kept us busy ever since. She loves just to be sat on you, normally on your shoulders or around your neck..! 

Many thanks
Felicity and James 
27th March 2015


Hi Jill and Geoff

Zak here I hope the 2 of you are well may I start off saying how nice it was meeting you and Geoff it was a absolute pleasure and worth the drive down and your house and area wow!!! It was something  like you see in a movie so beautiful. 

I thought I would give you a wee update on the lad maximus, we got back around 11pm and the journey was pretty peaceful max just cried for a bit but for most of the journey he was a gent just sitting patiently waiting, once we got home we put him in his room and opened the door to the case, he jumped out straight away investigating his new surroundings with total confidence then he just started snuggling running between me and wife all excited it was a joy to watch we totally didn't expect that we thought he would be shy in his new surroundings but no he was totally different to our Millie when she arrived it took her a few days to come out her shell but maximus he's so different a full 24 hrs hadn't passed and he had explored most of the house except rear of house that's Millie's territory but he is trying to get there lol. 

Millie hasn't met him yet but they are both definitely aware of each they can smell and hear each other I have also let Millie wander around Max's area to get familiar to his smell, this morning she seems to be more curious shes sitting near door to his side of house so hopefully introduce them in a few more days but I just have a feeling maximus will be a bit too boisterous to meet her sooner, you were so right he is so full of it so much energy it's more like having a puppy in the house me and my wife can't believe how different the 2 are even now he is climbing all over me as I write this. 

Yesterday my mum, brother, sister, niece, and nephew came up to meet him and he was so good coming up to everyone snuggling head butting he is so social I'm so happy we got him from yourself. Me and my friend we very impressed with your set up all very professional I definitely think you Geoff are a very fine example of how a good knowledgeable breeder should be and we are now witnessing this with our boy maximus we applaud all the fine effort you put in your breeding program and hope all the very best to you, Geoff and Cathy in future and I will stay in touch with updates and pictures 

All the very very best

Zak and family

26th March 2015


Hi Jill

Just to let you know Dina is settling in very well. She is so beautiful and very friendly. You have done a great job with her and I will highly recommend you to anyone else looking for a Savannah cat. 

I can't believe how attached ive become already I just can't get enough of this adorable little girl. 

Keep up the great work and I'm sure I'll be in contact with you again. 


Kind regards


24th March 2015

Hi Jill 

Just to let you know Amira and jungle are settling in well 
Amira is just gorgeous so loving and sweet, very playful 
You have done a great job with the F1  babies
Little jungle F6 is very sweet a little purr box 
Thankyou for these two special babies